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Listed Building Consents and Architectural Drawings in Guildford

A Guide to Planning Drawings and Their Role in Gaining Consents

Planning drawings are an essential part of any property development, allowing architects and clients to communicate their visions and enabling planners to understand the project as a whole. They are also a vital part of planning applications. Consequently, it is important to understand how these architectural drawings fit into the planning process and what they include. This page provides an overview of this information, including the role planning drawings play in gaining approvals for projects in Bookham, Guildford and the surrounding areas, such as listed building consents.

As a company adept at all aspects of architectural and planning services, including extension planning advice, RWP Consultancy is a trusted choice for development services in the Surrey, Sussex and South London areas.

The Planning Application

Planning applications contain a lot of written descriptions of the proposed property development, but planning drawings give a visual impression of the project in relation it its surroundings. This is an efficient way for council planners to get a clear initial idea of your Guildford project before they examine written components of the application.

Furthermore, planning drawings are essential for gaining relevant consents where necessary, such as listed building consents for alterations to listed buildings. At RWP Consultancy our architects offer a full planning consultancy and application service, giving you reliable, efficient and stress-free solutions whether you just need extension planning advice or a complete planning service.


Planning drawings differ to architectural drawings you will find at later stages of a development because they need to quickly convey spatial and contextual information. This means they contain less detail but must provide an accurate impression of how the project will affect its immediate surroundings in Guildford.

There are different types of planning drawings which your application may require, such as:

  • Site Location Plan
  • Site Layout Plan
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Floor Plans
  • Street Scene or Context Plan
  • Landscaping
  • Joinery Drawings and Details
  • Existing and Proposed Site Sections and Finished Floor/Site levels

Requirements will vary between projects so for maximum chance of success, it is important to seek the assistance of professional architects, such as the team at RWP Consultancy. For example, detailed joinery drawings are a key part of plans for property developments which require listed building consents.

Professional Drawings

Hiring experienced architects to produce planning drawings gives you the highest chance of success. This is because our plans are highly accurate and include all the necessary information and detail. With many years of industry experience, we know what planning officers are looking for and use AutoCAD to produce professional architectural drawings which meet all criteria, saving you time, stress and money, as well as avoiding potential issues.

A further benefit of hiring RWP Consultancy for your project in Guildford is that we offer a comprehensive range of services and can meet all your architectural and planning requirements, ranging from extension planning advice to acting as party wall surveyors and producing tender documents.

Call RWP Consultancy today on 07775 528118 for architectural drawings and other services in Guildford and the surrounding areas.