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Extension Planning Advice in Dorking

Feasibility Studies for Property Development

A feasibility study is a vital part of any development project, helping ascertain the likelihood of project success. As such, our architects carry out feasibility studies during the early stages of property developments to investigate a range of factors and provide all relevant parties with the information they need to make informed decisions about the progress of a project, including architectural drawings. RWP Consultancy can assist with a wide range of projects and provide any additional planning or architectural services you require to provide a clear image of your project and its viability. This includes extension planning advice as well as listed building consents.

Based in Bookham, RWP Consultancy regularly works with clients in Dorking and all the surrounding areas.

What Does a Feasibility Study Include?

Feasibility studies are important for assessing the potential risks, limitations and opportunities of a development, as well as the potential impact on various parties, such as the owners of neighbouring properties, local business owners and the local planning authority. It will also analyse the impact on things like utilities and conservation or heritage interests.

Furthermore, our architects will also make sure a property development in Dorking is viable in terms of likely development costs and value. As such, feasibility studies investigate the following:

  • Overall Site Capacity
  • Planning Policy
  • Appropriate Site Use
  • Gross Development Value
  • Potential Building Design, Access and Materials
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Operational Costs

The study will include written elements as well as architectural drawings and while feasibility studies are common for larger developments, they can also be invaluable for builds such as extensions or alterations to listed buildings, providing an idea of listed building consents. Just get in touch with RWP Consultancy for new build, listed building or extension planning advice.

When to Carry Out a Feasibility Study

You should carry out a feasibility study as early in the development process as possible because the findings can help clarify your options before you make any large investments. As such, we recommend carrying out the study before purchasing a site, but a feasibility study can also assess new constraints which appear after purchase.

Furthermore, if your application in Dorking or surrounds is unsuccessful, RWP Consultancy can carry out a new study for a new design, based on the reasons for rejection.

Appointing an Architect

It is essential to appoint experienced architects to carry out feasibility studies because we have extensive knowledge of necessary inclusions and have a high success rate. RWP Consultancy provides all relevant services and produces professional studies for consideration, including architectural drawings. We also have vast experience dealing with sensitive issues such as listed building consents and property development in conservation areas, allowing us to maximise your chances of success in Dorking.

We work on projects of every size, providing everything from full studies for new developments to alteration, renovation and extension planning advice.

Contact RWP Consultancy on 07775 528118 for extension planning advice, feasibility studies and more in Dorking and the surrounding areas.