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Architectural Drawings

in Dorking, Cobham, Mole Valley and Surrounds

For a bespoke, client-led approach to design, choose architectural services from RWP Consultancy. We aim to understand your needs, translating them into innovative yet practical and sustainable solutions. As experts in planning policy, building regulations and the latest technology, our architects design beautiful buildings which perfectly combine function and style while meeting all planning and building requirements. Whether you need architectural drawings and advice for a residential development, barn conversion, rural building renovation or other project, we make the most of the space in accordance with your specific wants and needs.

RWP Consultancy is based in Bookham, working with clients from Dorking, Guildford, Surrey, Sussex and South West London. Our location means we have plenty of experience handling complex and sensitive requirements, with a track record for succeeding in AONBs, conservation areas and green belt areas, as well as with listed properties.

What Architectural Drawings do we Produce?

RWP Consultancy works with homeowners and anyone interested in property development, creating a range of drawings to suit individual needs. This includes:

  • Setting Out Plans
  • 2D Floor Plans
  • Section Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Foundation Plans
  • Detail Drawings
  • Roof Plans
  • Site Plans

We design a wide range of structures, from garages to two storey extensions. We also have a special interest in the renovation of barns and rural buildings. Our architects take a creative and attentive approach to every project in the Guildford, Cobham and Dorking areas, reflected in our high planning approval success rate.

You are welcome to view some of our previous projects for an idea of the exceptional structures we design.

CAD Drawings

At RWP Consultancy, we use AutoCAD to produce high-quality architectural drawings which allow us and our clients to visualise projects and quickly alter drawings to meet individual needs. Using this software, we turn your ideas into detailed designs and can even incorporate different materials and textures for a photorealistic rendering.

With AutoCAD, we can produce 2D sketches and drawings as well as 3D models, allowing us to meet all client requirements, including everything from drawings for planning applications to presentation and construction drawings.

Architectural Surveys

Surveys are vital for gathering information we need to design a building, structure or renovation which works both practically and visually. An architectural survey provides detailed measurements of your space, site and/or property as well as the location of existing features or services, such as neighbouring properties and water or gas connections.

After compiling all this information, our architects can produce detailed and accurate drawings and develop your vision for your new space in Guildford, Cobham, Dorking or the surrounding areas. We also offer a wide range of other property development services, helping deliver your renovation or new build efficiently and to your specifications.

For architectural drawings and services in Dorking, Cobham and all the surrounding areas, call RWP Consultancy on 07775 528118.